The Big Event Difference

Our prize programs get more students to sell. Improve your sales by up to 300%!

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How it Works

Our fundraisers are simple. Start by choosing your brochure and prize program.

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Getting Started

Starting your brochure fundraiser is easy. We’ll help you get set up.

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The Big Event Difference
How it Works
Getting Started

Brochure Fundraisers

Show items in a brochure and make a profit off what you sell.

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Prize Programs

Motivate students to sell from their brochure with an incentive program.

Big Events

Standard Programs


Shop at school or online with an onsite fundraiser.


See our fundraising tips and recommendations for your group.


Quick Tips

How to Keep Your Students Excited

Don’t just make announcements during your fundraiser; keep your students excited about selling by using additional incentives.

Use Jump for George to Grow Sales

Offer Jump for George as a fun reward for students who reach a higher sales goal.

Product Fundraisers

Order products at a discount and resell them for a profit.

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  • The party was well organized by the company and they had student safety in mind at all times. I would recommend this activity and type of fundraising project to any organization.

    A. Padilla Principal
    Heights Elementary