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Reptile Adventures

Our 'Big Event Reptile Adventures Show' is offered as a reward to students for making brochure sales. Our program offers:

  • A Creative Way to Learn about Reptiles
  • An Exciting Hands-on Experience
  • Cumulative Prize Levels

Students only need to sell 5 items from their brochure to gain admission to this incredible 1 hour event at their school!

Download the prize brochure PDF

Additional Information

  • The reptile show was very educational for kids of all grade levels. Our students were completely engaged and received a great deal of information about reptiles and were extremely entertained at the same time. It would be nice to bring them back! Some of these kids never get to see and touch reptiles. The Reptile Adventures Show was excellent and I will definitely recommend it to others!

    Anita Trevino PTO President
    Ligarde Elementary