The 'Fantastic Friends' Magic Program

Teaching the Value of Choosing Positive Friends and the Dangers of Bullying and Gangs

The 'Fantastic Friends' Magic Program is a popular Bully / Gang Prevention Pep talk. It is for any student faced with the difficult decision of WHO to pick for friends. Your students will learn HOW to select good friends and positive groups, as well as how to avoid negative peer pressures. “Bullies Be Gone!” is the charge as students learn important proactive steps to deal with this playground terror. They will understand how the friends they choose today will effect who they become later. This program is applicable for every school who wants to teach its students how to select friends responsibly! Throughout the program the children will learn the acronym S.T.A.M.P, which will teach them how to “Stamp” out bullies.

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Because they have so much influence, students will learn how to select positive friends and three practical steps to protect themselves from negative friends and influences.

This program teaches the following lessons:

  • Your friends are very important...choose them wisely
  • Stay away from bullies
  • Tell someone if you are being bullied
  • Avoid bad situations
  • Make friends
  • Project confidence

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