How to Prepare for Your Magic Show

Your event date is approaching so we want to make sure that you will be prepared. Please prepare for your magic show by: 

1. Preparing the Performance Area:

  • The stage must be open, clean and free from anything that will prohibit its use for the show
  • The magician will need access to the stage area at least 40 minutes prior to assembly start time
  • Please provide access to 2 standard electrical outlets
  • Volunteers will be used during the show, so there must be steps leading up to the stage

2. Planning for Backstage Meeting with Performer:

  • The magician will need an extra 10-20 minutes to meet with any sellers who sold 24 or more items
  • He will sign autographs, answer questions or take pictures (The children must be accompanied by a teacher or other school employee)
  • The magician will also need to meet with students who reached prize level 5 or higher before the show starts

3. Get Your Group Excited:

  • Make periodic announcements before the show date to get everyone excited
  • A great way to get the word out about your Magic Show is to arrange to have someone present from your local newspaper or TV station

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Have a question?

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