The 'Magic of Recycling' Magic Program

Using Magic to Teach Children the Importance of Recycling and Caring for the Environment

The 'Magic of Recycling' Magic Program explores the wonderful world of recycling! This high energy, fun-filled assembly program illustrates the importance of recycling and how everyone can make a difference to save our environment. So what makes this show so memorable? The students will not only learn about recycling…but they will actually see recycling ‘magically’ taking place during the show! The basic goal of this program is to get children excited about recycling so it is not something they have to do but something they want to do! The show combines magic, storytelling, and audience participation with important educational themes that create memorable messages that have a lasting and positive impact on children.

During this 40-minute assembly program your students will learn:

  • Who should recycle?
  • What recycling is all about
  • Where things go when they are recycled
  • When should you recycle?
  • Why recycling is so important for our environment
    and energy conservation
  • How to start recycling today

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