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Magic Show

Read what schools that experienced the magic show had to say.

  • Magic Show Best Prize Program Ever

    I believe the magic show has been the best prize program we have ever offered our students! We liked it so much we actually booked Cody for 5 additional educational magic shows! I definitely would recommend the package to everyone I know. I believe we exceeded our fundraising goals because of the show. The shows are not only educational but highly entertaining as well!

  • PTA Wants Magic Show Every Year

    The magic show was so good that I'll like to have him back every year!

  • Elementary School Says Magic Show Fantastic

    Fantastic! Wonderful! The students were enthusiastic as well as the magician. Thank you for a job well done!

  • Elementary School Enjoys Magic Show

    We all really enjoyed the magic show. The students were excited and the message was great! We would like to see him again.

  • Magic Show Engages Elementary Students

    The magic show was very good as our students were very engaged and interested in the show.

  • Magic Show Gets High Marks with PTA

    Our students loved the CHARACTER COUNTS magic show! The show was extremely entertaining while providing important educational concepts that were tremendously useful to the students. The students learned the importance of being responsible through magic. The Big Event Magic Show was excellent and I recommend it highly!
  • Elementary School Says Atlanta Magician Fantastic

    The prize program was excellent and the magician was FANTASTIC!

  • Magic Show Awesome for Texas Elementary School

    We had a great time at Mireles Elementary!! Thank you so much for an awesome show and the individual time that you gave the top sellers was super special!

  • PTO Magic Show Provides Practical Information

    The children, staff, and parents present were very much entertained with the presentation. Our students were completely engaged and received a great deal of practical information during the show as well. The Big Event Magic Show was excellent and we will definitely recommend it to others.

  • Magic Show Motivates Students to Sell More

    Our students enjoyed the magic show and were engaged throughout the presentation. The magician was very entertaining and the message of 'Reading' was definitely communicated to our students. The ‘magic show incentive' motivated our students to sell more items! I strongly recommend it as a successful fundraiser!