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Church Group Fundraisers

Church Group Fundraisers

Let our church group fundraisers also promote your cause

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Prize Programs

  • Show Your Spirit Prize Program

    Show Your Spirit

    Sponsors for church group fundraisers can motivate their sellers to sell from their brochure by offering them personalized embroidered sportswear.

  • Cash Prize Programs

    Cash Prize Programs

    Make money for selling items out of a brochure. Cash can be rewarded individually, or added to the group profit.


  • Super-Size Beef Stick Tote

    Super-Size Beef Stick

    'Super-Size Beef Sticks' are made with 100% beef, and and can make your group up to 50% profit!

  • Front and back of discount card

    Discount Cards

    You can sell discount cards that promote your church group's name and cause. Individual members can sell to friends and family, or cards can be sold at a fundraising event.